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How does the online Alcohol Calculator work?

The online Alcohol Calculator estimates your Blood Alcohol Content level (BAC) based on your gender, your weight, the type and quantity of drinks you consume, and the time elapsed. The free alcohol calculator uses the Widmark formula to estimate BAC levels. Because of every person is different, the value calculated by the alcohol calculator is really just an estimate. The breathalyzer and the blood alcohol test are the only a sure way to determine the exact blood alcohol content level. Please use the Blood Alcohol Calculator with this in mind.

How do I use the Blood Alcohol Content Calculator?

To determine your blood alcohol level as accurately as possible, enter your gender, your weight, the amount and percentage of alcohol consumed, and the time you spent drinking. Our free alcohol calculator manages the various units of measure and you can change them by clicking on the Settings menu. The BAC-Calculator default settings are for imperial, United States customary units (lb and oz). Once you have entered all the details, you will see the results. You can also click on the Intoxication table which shows you your alcohol concentration hour by hour until you reach 0.

How accurate is the BAC alcohol calculator?

The BAC level is calculated using a good approximation formula, but this is only an estimate. True blood alcohol levels are influenced by many other factors, such as what you eat and how much you eat. The only accurate solutions are the blood alcohol test and the breathalyzer.

How can I accelerate the absorption of alcohol?

There are no magic spells and it is also a misconception that eating a lot of fatty foods helps absorption. If you want to get sober as soon as possible, the only way is stop drinking and wait.